Speciality Adhesives
Whether you want PU Sealant, Polysulphide Sealant, Cyanoacrylate Adhesive or any other speciality adhesive, you can contact us. Our company produces a wide range of adhesives for unique applications in automotive, construction and other industries.
Industrial Adhesive
When it comes to buying industrial adhesives that are non- toxic, non- corrosive, and high performing, then you can get in touch with us. Our company has experience in producing epoxy gel coat, anaerobic adhesives, structural adhesive and corrosion inhibitor compound.
Speciality Chemicals
Electrical contact cleaner, adhesive chain lubricant, carbex cleaning compound are some of the Speciality chemicals offered by Tuff-Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt.Ltd. These chemicals are provided in different quantity packs. Industry customers can buy these chemicals in any quantity.
Silicon Products
In the line of silicon products, we have included Rtv silicone, silicone release liner, silicone release spray, silicone coatings and many other products. These products can be used for improving appearance. These products remain stable in high temperature and are resistant to age.
Sealants Products
If you need acrylic sealant, waterproofing sealant, butyl sealant, epoxy sealant or other sealant products, Tuff-Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt.Ltd. has got you covered. These sealants offered in different pack sizes are easy to use, even on hard to reach surfaces.
Silicone sealants are used for binding the surfaces of plastic, glass and metal. These are resistant to moisture as well as weather. The high heat resistance make them an impeccable sealant choice for metal fabrication projects, plumbing pipes and others that need a watertight seal.
Adhesive Sealant
The Adhesive Sealants are useful for basic repairs of the house and used for pasting as well as filling the caulking cracks. These work on the surfaces of plastic, glass and metal.
Contact Adhesive
The Contact adhesives ensure high initial strength and can be used as the adhesive of dry adhesive films. These allow for immediate bond as well as complete contact.
Thread-locking adhesives are the fluid of thin consistency. These single-component adhesives are used for threads of fasteners such as bolts & screws. These allow the fasteners to prevent loosening.
Acetoxy Sealant
Acetoxy Sealant is a special type of sealant, which releases acetic acid and provide improved curing. It is offered with powerful vinegar-like smell. These are commonly used for kitchen as well as sanitary applications.
Membrane Glue
The Membrane Glues are utilized for joining the synthetic membranes. These make membrane-plaster sealing and are totally free from solvents as well as other chemical substances. The glues have long-lasting effects. 
Anaerobic Sealant
The Anaerobic Sealants are largely used to lock threaded assemblies, as these are helpful in marinating the clamping pressures. In this way, these can resist the corrosion as well as untying of fasteners. These can prevent the leakage of gasses and liquids.
Wood sealant
The Wood sealants are used to seal the wooden pores so as to provide a smooth, as well as even surface. These can also prevent the occurrence of stain and provide superior finishing. 
Solvent Cement
Solvent cement are used for making the bond between CPVC materials, due to which their service-life expectancy can be increased. These can resist chemical as well as heat distortion temperature.
Metal Putty
The Metal Putty is suited for fast-setting as well as permanent repairs of ferrous metals. It can seal all types of cracks, leaking joints and holes. The filling damage caused by corrosion or pitting can be sealed by these. 
Hot Melt Glue
Hot-Melt Glues are used for closing the covers of paperboard cartons as well as corrugated boxes. These are demanded in bookbinding, woodworking and packaging industry. Also, these are useful for profile-wrapping, laminating applications and product assembly.
Encapsulants have superior resistance against environmental hazards such as chemical exposure, high temperatures and others. It enables rapid production, excellent binding performance and product sturdiness. It assists in the manufacturing of adhesives, primers, coatings etc. 

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